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Energy Efficient Refrigerator

If you have an older, energy wasting fridge, it’s time to invest in a new Energy Efficient Refrigerator. There are a few things you can do to help that old fridge but a new, Energy Efficient one is the best choice for the long run. A new refrigerator is a major purchase and may require budgeting and planning, however, investing now will help save energy and money over the long term. When shopping for an Energy Efficient Refrigerator, take into account the initial price, maintenance costs and cost to operate.

Look for the Energy Star Label

Energy Star has a strict set of energy guidelines that a product must meet in order to earn the right to put the Energy Star labels on a product. This international program is quite common and sometimes the label is small so you might have to look carefully to see it. Stores often have Energy Star listed on their product descriptions too but if you don’t see it, be sure and ask.

Check the Refrigerator’s Energy Usage

Several countries use their own versions of an energy guide for consumers. When comparing appliances and other products, these guides will be a big help.

For consumers in the United States: the black and yellow Energy Guide.
For consumers in Canada: the black and white EnerGuide Label.
For consumers in the European Union: the EU Energy Label. 

Choose The Proper Size For Your Household

Refrigerator sizes are given in cubic feet or in litres. Just to give you a rough idea, compact refrigerators can be as small as ~2 cubic feet or ~60 litres. Family size refrigerators usually range from about ~9 cubic feet or ~270 litres to ~27 cubic feet or ~700 litres. Basically you can get something very small to industrial size and almost anything in between.

Energy Efficient Refrigerators come in so many different sizes and styles your shouldn’t have a problem finding one to fit your needs.

Get One Too Large and it will sit empty wasting energy.

Get One Too Small and it will get too full and lose energy efficiency because the air cannot circulate properly.

Now, if the perfect size refrigerator does not come in Energy Star, it might turn out to be more Energy Efficient to buy one just a little bigger. Use the energy usage guides mentioned above to compare in order to make the right choice for you. And of course, ask the sales associates. If the first person you ask doesn’t know or you don’t trust his/her answer, ask someone else.

More on apartment refrigerators. 

Consider Some Energy Efficient Features

There are some very clever features out there and each one can add to the initial cost of the refrigerator. Energy Efficient Refrigerator features like a Refrigerator Door Alarm and a Water And Ice Dispenser, however, might actually save you some money. Depending on your habits and needs, these features may save more energy than they use.

Want To Compare Energy Efficient Refrigerators?

Use the Consumer Report’s Green Rating for Refrigerators to compare and soon you’ll be enjoying both the new fridge and the great Energy Savings it provides you and your family!

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