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Energy Efficient Office

At the office.
Whether you spend a little time or most of your time at work, an Energy Efficient Office saves energy and money and helps the environment and a cleaner environment is good for employee morale, isn’t it?

An Energy Efficient Office is just as important as an Energy Efficient House. Afterall, it’s often our home away from home especially for those who spend long hours at work.

If it’s not in use, turn if off.

Many offices leave everything on all the time. This might be necessary for some things such as the fax machine and security lighting or for offices that remain open 24 hours a day. Many things, however, don’t need to stay on or even plugged in. Even turned off, electronics and appliances use some energy any time they are plugged in and on stand by mode. Certain things like shredders or televisions that are not used on a regular basis can be unplugged and even more things can be turned off at night and over the weekend and holidays when employees are gone. What can you do? Turn off anything that does not need to be on when no one is around like lights and computers.

Use Sleep or Hibernation Modes

Fax machine in sleep mode.For those times when you’re popping in and out, using the computer here and there, it’s not appropriate to turn the computer on and off each time you go away from your desk. You can use the sleep or hibernation mode. While you’re away, the computer goes to sleep using much less energy and when you come back you just wake it up and start working. Some fax and copy machinesalso have this feature.

Special Note: Be aware of computer screen savers. They use excessive amounts of energy.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Just like at home, the right lighting will save energy and money from desk lamps to ceiling lighting. Regular lighting also heats up much more than fluorescent lights which can be a bit dangerous.

Find out more about Energy Efficient Lighting for your home and office…

Think Energy Saving When You Shop

Energy Efficient office supplies? Yes. Items like paper towels, styrofoam cups, plastic utensils and paper plates take a lot of energy to produce and ship. Such disposable supplies can easily be replaced with real, washable and reusable items. Your company will also spend less on supplies by not using so many disposable products.

Many of the same good energy saving habits we have developed at home can be used at work also and Energy Efficiency at the office is just good business.

Make Your Commute Energy Efficient

Save gas, save time and save money by making your commute to work as efficient as possible. Some cities offer wonderful public transportation systems like buses and trains and some companies offer car pool or rideshare programs.

If you can leave the car at home everyday, great, but once a week or every once month even helps. You save energy at home, you save energy at work and you can save energy everywhere in between!

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