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Energy Efficient Home Heating

Heating and cooling represent a major portion of a household energy bill so Energy Efficient Home Heating can really save you money, and for all your plumbing tubing requirements, we recommend PEX Tubing.

The first step you need to take in order to keep your home energy efficient is installing high quality insulation. Whatever heating/cooling system you choose for your home, keep in mind that it needs to be done correctly the first time. Most home owners recommend Rotobrush packages that not only reinsulate your attic but also clean your air ducts. Having clean air ducts will boost the air quality and efficiency of your heating/cooling system. In this article, you can read more about other ways to heat your home and save money. You have several options above and beyond the typical furnace or boiler. Here are some great ideas:

Each household has its unique needs and preferences so take a look at the different types of home heating to find the best, most energy saving heating for you and your family. Remember: each Energy Efficient Home Heating option will have its advantages and disadvantages and it’s important to understand both when choosing heating.

Photo of solar panels.

Solar Heating

In addition to saving you a lot of money on your energy bill, solar products are often eligible for local and/or national tax incentives that will save you even more money. The panels usually go on the roof and sometimes look like skylights or tiles. If you can’t put them on the roof for whatever reason, you can get ground panels mounted on stands.

In some areas, people who produce more energy with their Solar Panels than what they use can sell the left over energy to their utility company. Check with your local utility company and maybe you could actually earn money with Solar.

Solar is also a clean, inexpensive option for outdoor lighting such as accent lighting, pool lighting and even holiday decorative lighting, and for heating your swimming pool.

Hydronic Radiant Heating

This type of heating works by warming the floor or walls directly. No heat is lost traveling through duct work. The most energy efficient type is hydronic radiant heating which uses water, though air and electric radiant heating also exist. Hydronic heating entails pumping heated water through tubing just below the floors. Imagine a warm bathroom floor when it’s cool with Radiant Heat. Be aware that the equipment used for radiant heating cannot be used for cooling.

Small Space Heating

When you are only using one room or a small area of your home you may not need to heat the entire house. Space heaters are not especially energy efficient but for one room, one space heater might use less energy than turning up the central heating especially if you do not have an Energy Efficient Home Heating system. Use these heaters with caution. Some can get quite hot so be sure there are no objects close enough to get burned.

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Biodiesel is a natural, biodegradable, clean burning alternative fuel. This, along with the fact that it is made from renewable resources, means biodiesel leaves little impact on the environment. If this sounds like it could work for you, get information on the many applications of biodiesel, including home heating at As the name of this website implies, you can learn not only how to use biodiesel but also how to make it yourself as well.

Have a look at the different types of Energy Efficient Home Heating and find one that will keep you warm and comfortable without costing a fortune!

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