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Energy Efficiency Audit

Whether you do one yourself or call in a professional, an Energy Efficiency Audit can provide you with useful information for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient.

An Energy Efficiency Audit is basically a review of how well your home is doing when it comes to conserving energy. Where is your home wasting energy and what can you do about it? Maybe you already know your home has some problem spots, but which one should you fix first? An Audit can help answer these questions.

Start With Your Own Mini Audit

By taking a careful look around, you can find some energy efficiency problems yourself, especially the obvious ones. If the roof is leaking, you already know it needs attention but what about some smaller less obvious issues? Here’s a list of some things you can look for and either fix yourself or have someone help you.

Note: If you plan to have a professional come out later, you may just want to make a list of problems you’ve found and compare that with what the inspector finds. If it turns out you need a new refrigerator, for example, there’s no need to repair the door seals.

~Check window and door seals.

~Check seals on the refrigerator and freezer doors.

~Clean and or Replace: Filters, Ducts, Radiator

~Are you using Energy Efficient Lights Bulbs?

Have A Professional Audit Done

Because professionals have more experience and specialized equipment, they will do a more thorough inspection than if you do it yourself. They will also be able to help you prioritize the projects according to cost and efficiency.

To find an auditor or inspector, contact your utility company or the closest government energy office. Some companies can do an audit with you over the telephone or online if you need. Having the inspector come out and actually look at your home and appliances is always better and will yield a more thorough and accurate report.

The Energy Efficiency Audit

A professional inspector will look all over your home and identify problem areas. After the inspection and evaluation of your home, you should get a written report that you can use to make necessary improvements.

Each company will conduct the audit its own way. When looking for an inspector, ask exactly what the audit will cover. Examples of what the inspector will do:

~Conduct special tests to see where unwanted air is leaking in.

~Let you know if the type and amount of insulation you have is appropriate and adequate.

~Check heating and cooling systems for energy efficiency.

Paying For Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Major Energy Efficient Home Improvements like new replacement windows and new roofing will pay for themselves in time and will save you energy and money for a very long time. That said, we all know the initial investment can be quite high, which sometimes puts a great project out of reach of many families trying to be more Energy Efficient. Fortunately, there are quite a few Financial Incentives offered by various government agencies and utility companies that can help. One project might even qualify for several incentives.

Whether you have a brand new home or a little older one, it’s always good to conduct an Energy Efficiency Audit. Finding problems and getting them fixed quickly will help Make Your Home Energy Efficient.

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