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Energy Sustainability

Energy sustainability plays an important role in our world and present generation. It is a way for us to be able to make use of our present resources in a resourceful process without sacrificing the future resources. Energy sustainability is a way to use power to meet our present needs but will not compromise the future generation’s needs. It is a way to be able to use energy efficiently today and still conserve it for future needs. In this case, energy sustainability can be use within a lifetime but without long-term damage.

There are 2 pillars of energy sustainability which includes renewables and energy efficiency. Although energy sustainability can be a positive thing for the environment, it also has it set back. It can also create pollution to the environment if not properly sustained. But there are ways for energy sustainability to become pollution-free.

Green energy is one example of energy sustainability that is safe for the environment that represents renewable sources. It does not produce a significant negative impact in the environment because the energy produced also came from nature. Biogas, biothermal, solar energy, anaerobic digestion, wind power, tidal power and hydropower are some of the categories that are under green energy. Nuclear power is said to be specified as green energy though it had been contested because it pose a risk to the environment and the fact that it produces radioactive waste. But even if green energy is said to be the safest and pollution-free among the energy sustainability process, it is still not completely impact-free. It still gives out possible pollution and risk to the environment.

Green energy can be arranged in some countries either from their utility or green power provider. Energy sustainability will need a way to efficiently supply power to the environment. It should be properly distributed to provide energy today and sustain it for the future. There are changes that needs to be done to properly sustain energy and that includes reducing the amount of energy to be delivered in goods and services. The carbon content should be minimized so that the total emission of energy will be reduced. It will lessen the growth of demand for sustainable energy if there is clean supply of energy.

If there is less demand for energy today, we will still be able to preserve the need of it in the future. Thus, it will be able to do its objective in providing the energy needed for today and still preserving what should be used in the future.

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