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In today’s {green,ecofriendly,renewable energy,recycle it,eco-friendly} world there {are a lot of statements,is a high level of commentary,is lots of positive statements} made that lead you to {think,understand that,believe} certain products or ideas are all {targeted to save,about saving} energy. Being {ecologically friendly,ecofriendly,eco-friendly,green} {engages aspects of,encompasses} a real life cause, a {niche specific,niche} market, and {somewhat of a gimmick,a gimmick}. {Therefore,That means} when you are trying to {provide,create} high {degrees,levels} of {energy efficiency,efficiency} {within,in} your home you cannot {just be led,just go} by {“shiny” advertising,advertising} to make {informed,the right} buying {decisions,choices}.

{It’s a well known,It is a common} misconception that {as soon as,when} a product is {marketed,advertised} as {ecofriendly,ecologically friendly,eco-friendly} that {same,the product} is the {same,equivalent} of all natural. This is in actual fact {neither true or untrue,not necessarily true or untrue}. {There is no certainty either way,It does not have to be}. {Similarly,Just like} a product {for sale in the market,in the market} can be {sold as,labeled} organic despite only {being,meeting} {75%,seventy five percent} of the {specific required standard,requirements}, {the labeling,the marketing,labeling} for ecologically improved products can be {misconstrued,misleading}.

{Whenever,When} you are considering the {right,most suitable,best} way to {utilize,utilize,apply} various products to your home {so as to,inorder,in order} to {ensure it is,make it} more energy efficient you {need,want} to be {reassured,assured,confident} that you are {investing,putting} your {funds,money} into a {really,truly} {energy efficient,green,ecologically friendly} product. Since {currently advertisers,advertisers} have such {a free hand,scope,leeway}, this leads inevitably to a tricky situation.

PLAN FOR ENERGY SAVINGS IN YOUR NEW BUILDING OR RENOVATION The best time to consider energy-efficient options for equipment is in the earliest stages

Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program » Offer your business cash incentives for installing energy efficient technologies » Offer the Trade Ally Network of service providers who can get the job done

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE U.S. Energy Savings Corp. Supports Red Cross Relief Efforts in Texas U.S. Energy Savings Corp. is donating $15,000 to the Red Cross and matching

Money and Energy Savings ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures use two-thirds less energy. United States to raise awareness of energy-efficient lighting and help con- GE_EnergyStar corp Author:

US Energy Partners, LLC 30. U.S. Energy Savings Corp. d/b/a New York Energy Savings Corp. 31. US Gas and Electric, Inc. 32. Vectren Source 4. Title: Statement of Principles for Marketing Author: Robin Talyor Created Date:

The Citizens Utility Board said Wednesday it has settled its complaint against U.S. Energy Savings Corp., a Canada-based alternative energy company, which will allow customers to cancel their contracts without penalty and get some money back.

Energy-savings insurance is a formal insurance con-tractbetweenan insurerandeitherthebuildingowner or third-party provider of energy services. In exchange

Results We found that Johnson mismanaged its $42.7 million energy contract. Specifically, Johnson officials did not require Honeywell to submit annual savings verification reports

Of feedback-induced energy savings and to begin to identify the factors that shape the persistence of energy savings. What is Feedback and How does It Work?

2 n How to Implement an Energy Savings Improvement Plan Sustainable Jersey How-To Guide Introduction Energy efficiency is one of the best ways public institutions can save money and tax

SAVINGS ACHIEVED Some of the actual savings achieved by TMEIC on hot strip mills in Japan are shown here. Main Motor Cooling Fan Energy savings of 7,761 MWh/y

SAVINGS ACHIEVED Some of the actual savings achieved by TMEIC on hot strip mills in Japan are shown here. Main Motor Cooling Fan Energy savings of 7,761 MWh/y

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