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Energy Saving Tips For December

by Bonny Styles
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

cut down on those winter bills!

Cut down on those winter bills!

As winter approaches we get even more conscious of how much energy we are using. While during the summer months we do not consume as much due to the fact that we rarely need to have our heating on and generally tend to eat colder foods (negating the need to use the oven etc…) winter is a totally different prospect.

Winter is already well underway however that does not mean that you cannot follow some simple tips to help to reduce your energy costs this December which could also go a long way to saving yourself some moneyfor the holiday season!.

For example, some 25% of energy inefficiency and heat loss is down to your windows. When you have your heating on during the winter months a significant portion of this energy is lost however you do not need to go out and spend a lot of money on new, energy efficient windows as this defeats the whole point of what we are trying to achieve here. Instead, you can buy relatively inexpensive window covers that can help to trap the heat in your home so that you use less energy and therefore cut down on your bills.

Additionally timing your thermostat can go a long way to cutting down on how much energy you use. If you can time it so that it stays off during the day when you are at work but comes on maybe an hour or 45 minutes before you usually arrive home then you can come back to a warm house without having to leave the heating on during the day. Furthermore, time it so that it goes off at night and then comes back on again an hour or so before you usually get up in the morning. Again this contributes to a warm house but with significantly reduced energy usage.

Furthermore, you can make some slight adjustments to your cooking pattern to also help to bring down your costs. Do you cook with a lid on when making pasta or noodles for example? If you don’t then you actually use 3 to 4 times more energy than if you cook with a lid. Lastly, do you have a second refrigerator? Most people who do use this for beverages rather than food however, seeing as it is so cold over December and January, you can easily keep these beverages cool by storing them in your garage for example. Many people choose to do this and not using your second fridge will help to seriously cut down o your energy costs.

Even just these few small actions can all contribute to making your homemore energy efficient and therefore more affordable to run. Rather than wasting a lot of money this winter by being inefficient with your energy usage why not follow some simple advice and reduce the financial burden that electricity and heating bills cause? Not only will you be reducing your energy consumption but you will have some extra money for the holiday season as well!.

Updated: July 22, 2013 — 12:04 am

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