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Energy Saving Ratings For Appliances

by Debbi Purnell
(Washington, USA)

Home appliances are necessities at home. It would be hard to imagine living inside your house without any electric equipment. When the weather is hot or cold, there should be air conditioners and heaters.

Refrigerators help preserve food naturally, while dishwashers and washing machines help clean dishes and clothes.

Thus, it is inevitable that you find it hard to deal with your monthly electricity bills. You might be wondering why your electric consumption is still high when you don’t use your appliances that much.

When you are at work the whole day and you come home and use your appliances at night, why does your electric bill keep on rising?

For you to properly address this electricity consumption problem, you have to know more about appliances and the amount of energy these items consume.

Your home might be full of different appliances, so how can you make sure your energy consumption will be controllable?

Experts say that if you have the appliances at your home, all you can do is to live by the way those equipment consume energy. But if you are yet to purchase those appliances, there is something you can do to help avoid too much consumption of energy in your home.

Shopping for energy efficient appliances

Thus, you need to shop for energy efficient appliances. While it is true that you can’t do anything if you already have your appliances, you can significantly adopt energy saving schemes in buying your home equipment and devices.

Did you know that home appliances consume more than 20% of your home’s overall energy consumption on a monthly average? Whether you are regularly or heavily using your appliances, those equipments will still very much contribute to your high monthly electric bill.

Refrigerators, clothes dryers, clothes washers, dishwashers and electric stoves are just some of the appliances included in the top energy consumption list for appliances.

Therefore, when buying appliances for your home, you should consider two price tags. Of course, the first price tag will be the purchase price for the appliances.

You might be surprised at how several appliances can be really costly, depending on the brand. You should consider this tag price as a form of down payment.

The more important and yet to be discovered price tag will be the overall cost of using or operating the appliances during the entire course of its operating life time.

In fact, the second price tag will be much costlier because you will be required to pay for it monthly when you shoulder your electricity consumption bills.

For the entire lifetime of each of your various appliances, you will have to endure and shoulder the operating costs. And this is where the trouble sets in. Some appliances just consume too much electricity to be functional.

To shop for appliances, you should first make a short list of which equipments to buy and how useful they can be. Go to your reliable appliance retailer and make your purchases.

You could shop for appliances by initially considering and assessing the brands. Good brands usually offer energy efficient versions of different appliances.

You should also ask the sales personnel about the energy consumption capacity of the appliances you are eyeing.

Salesmen should inform you outright about the projected energy consumption of each and every brand of appliances their store is selling.

New energy saving ratings

To help you assess the energy consumption capacity of appliances, there are developed systems for computing such energy uses. There are home energy and appliances audits to help you determine how much electricity is consumed by an appliance.

You can use these new energy saving ratings schemes in two ways. First, you can ask firms that offer such services to come over and assess your home appliances.

Their personnel will come and compute the monthly energy consumption of your appliances, helping you assess how much your appliances contribute to your bills.

Second, when you are buying appliances at retailers, you can ask about their new energy saving ratings. Every home equipment shop should have this helpful feature.

Asking for such assistance could help you know more about appliances sold and decide which energy efficient ones you can practically purchase.

During these times when there is a pronounced energy crisis, you should contribute to electricity conservation. Get appliances that are energy efficient and dependable.

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Updated: January 31, 2013 — 12:53 am

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