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Energy Saving Bulbs

In today’s green world there are a lot of statements made that lead you to understand that certain products or ideas are all targeted to save energy. Being eco-friendly engages aspects of a real life cause, a niche market, and somewhat of a gimmick. That means when you are trying to create high degrees of energy efficiency within your home you cannot just go by “shiny” advertising to make informed buying decisions.

It is a common misconception that as soon as a product is advertised as ecofriendly that same is the equivalent of all natural. This is in actual fact not necessarily true or untrue. There is no certainty either way. Just like a product in the market can be labeled organic despite only meeting seventy five percent of the requirements, labeling for ecologically improved products can be misconstrued.

Whenever you are considering the best way to apply various products to your home inorder to make it more energy efficient you need to be reassured that you are putting your funds into a truly ecologically friendly product. Since currently advertisers have such leeway, this leads inevitably to a tricky situation.

Energy-saving incandescents (halogen) Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) Light emitting diode (LEDs) Energy savings compared with regular incandescents 25% ; 75% ; 80%+ Purchase cost $ $$ $$$$$ Five-year total cost (bulbs + energy) (60-watt incandescent-equivalent example) $32 (mostly . energy $)

ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs use up to 75 percent less energy (electricity) than incandescent light bulbs, last up to 10 times longer, cost little up front, and provide a quick return on investment.

GE Lighting Product information The T3 10,000 hours dimmable spiral lamp is a premium solution combining energy savings with the ability to create

• Direct, energy-saving replacements for 26W, 32W and 42W triple tube compact fluorescent lamps • Up to 19% energy savings when compared with full wattage triple

Energy-efficient, dimmable LED • Energy saving and long life properties—saves 50W compared to a standard 60W incandescent and lasts 30 times longer • 3-year limited warranty x 100 bulbs per space = $330 annual energy cost per space. . .

Energy saving light bulb myth buster Why use them? Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use 80% less electricity, save you about £3 a year each, and last up to 12 times longer than old fashioned tungsten bulbs.

INNOVATIVE RANGE OF ENERGY SAVING LED LAMPS. 5W – 8W DIMMABLE A19. NEW 5 YEAR WARRANTY FOR POULTRY APPLICATIONS. Using Advanced Low dimming for longer duration the savings would be up to 90% compared to Incandescent bulbs. At 50% dim level LED Bulb = 67 lumens/watt, Incandescent Bulb= 9

What is an ENERGY STAR ® compact fluorescent light (CFL)? ENERGY STAR CFLs are an energy saving alternative to incandescent light bulbs. The electrical

Save now on energy-efficient products. Keep saving with them for years to come. Get up to 84 percent off retail prices on long-lasting, energy-saving light bulbs at

Energy Smart™ combines the desired shape of traditional GLS light bulbs with the efficiency benefits of compact fluorescent. appropriate energy saving CFL from GE to replace your inefficient incandescent bulb. Incandescent Wattage Regulatory CFL Lumen Equivalent Stick T3 Mini

Title: NRDC: Your Guide to More Efficient and Money-Saving Light Bulbs (PDF) Created Date: 10/24/2013 1:35:02 PM

Some Health and Safety issues on these Low Energy Light Bulbs However, these types of bulbs, if broken, cause serious danger. If one breaks, everybody will have to leave the room for at least 15 minutes, because it contains

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