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Energy Efficient Roofing And It’s Benefits!

English: Energy efficient homes at 'The Wintle...

English: Energy efficient homes at ‘The Wintles’ An unusual development of homes on the edge of the village. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Energy Efficient Roofing and its various benefits!….going ‘green’ is the latest trend and if you ask me it is quite great and we should all do our bit in order to save the environment and make it a better place to live in.

And trust me it is not that difficult to do our bit in order to improve the environment that we so often misutilise on a daily basis. One easy way is to opt for energy efficient roofing so that you can do your bit to improve energy efficiency by causing the least possible harm to our surroundings.

What are the Benefits of Energy Efficient Roofing?

Benefits of energy efficient roofing are many. Once you install a white roof membrane or opt for a white coat on your commercial roof you will be able to save energy. But before you know how that is possible, it is important to know how does it work. The concept of opting for a white coat for your roof is quite simple. We have all read in our childhood how the sun’s rays pass through the different layers of atmosphere before it converts to light.

And it is this light that hits the roof. Now when we have a dark colored roof, this light gets directly converted in to heat which causes the internal and external temperature of your home to rise. But when you have a white roof, the light instead of getting absorbed, is reflected back and hence there is no conversion of it into heat.

A white colored roof has a cool appearance about it and when applied to the roof it helps to absorb very less amount of heat. Now one question arises, which are the two properties that define the quality of a better roof? One is the reflectance whereby the material of the roof is such that it helps to reflect the maximum amount of light from the roof. And the second factor to consider is the thermal emittance i.e. the heat absorbing capacity of the roof.

Generally you should look for a roof that has both these factors but on the higher side. As per the industry standards, one should opt for a roof that has Solar Reflectance Index of 30% or higher for sloped roofs and 70% or higher for flat roofs.

Now the most vital question arises, how this white roofing can help you to save energy and improve the environment that we are living in. Well there are many positive benefits of installing a white roof. You not only save on your energy bills dues to less consumption of electricity, use of less non-renewable resources such as natural gas and coal as well as carbon footprint. In fact there are many states where using a white roof will enable you to qualify for green rebates and tax exemptions.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install a white roof today only. Let us do our bit to conserve energy and save our environment and make our home a better place to stay!

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This article has been written by Jean Walker. She’s is a seasonal blogger and loves to blog about Energy Efficient Roofing and its various benefits! Her favorite topic however is about Window Tinting Dorchester.

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