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Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is an absolute MUST for any household wanting to make serious inroads into their monthly energy utility bills.

An alarming, but very true fact about electric lighting bulbs is that they attribute to at least 25% of a homeowner’s entire energy budget. It is alarming because what a homeowner pays for electricity can easily amount to half of the total overall utility bill.

This means that a lot of energy is used on a typical month to month basis and used excessively to the point to contribute to the high costs of the monthly bills. An average light bulb used for lighting the home can result in costing a homeowner a maximum 10 times more than its initial cost, simply by affecting the bill in the way that it does.

Average light bulbs, although inexpensive, do nothing for the homeowner in terms of saving energy or saving money. The types of light bulbs that dosave energy are energy efficient lighting. Energy efficient lighting can be accomplished through the use of one of two bulbs, light emitting diodes andcompact fluorescent lights.

Compact fluorescent lights are a much smaller version of a normal sizedfluorescent light bulb. They have the ability to be screwed into any standard form of a lamp socket and luckily, compact fluorescent lights give off a look that are similar to incandescent bulbs instead of factory and school light bulbs fluorescent lighting is commonly associated with.

Compact fluorescent lights are extremely efficient, considering the fact that their longevity can measure as 10 times more than that of incandescent lighting. Compact fluorescent lights only use 50-80% less than the amount of energy typically used by incandescent lighting.

Surprisingly, though energy efficient, compact fluorescent lights are less expensive than incandescent lights. While fluorescent lights are typically affiliated with having a cold white light, compact fluorescent lights offer an inviting light that is warm and is perfect for sitting near, no matter what you’re doing in your home.

Light emitting diodes are lights that tend to be ranked as very energy-efficient. They are compact and are light bulbs that are solid. New light emitting diodes have diffusers that allow them to be placed in a broad variety of places throughout the household. Similar to the compact fluorescent lights, light emitting diodes also possess great longevity.

However, while compact fluorescent lights last 10 times longer than incandescent lights, light emitting diodes last 10 times longer than the already stated compact fluorescent lights. So, just imagine how much longer they can last in comparison to regular incandescent lights.

Light emitting diodes can endure a lot of movement without being damaged, unlike regular bulbs, since they do not contain a filament. Light emitting diodes remain cool throughout the duration they are being used, as a nice result, light emitting diodes cut down on the costs of air conditioning. They contain no mercury and are very efficient.

Although the costs of light emitting diodes are very high, it makes up for what it costs through benefits and its longevity. It is an investment that truly allows an investor to reap its wealth.

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