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Energy Efficient LED Lighting Technology

LED Lighting TechnologyUsing energy efficient LED lighting technology is the newest invention since Thomas Edison originally invented the light bulb. In the near future the traditional light bulb might hopefully even be eliminated, only to be seen in museum exhibits.

LED have no filament nor does it have a glass vacuum to keep it from leaking gas, it does not have moving parts. It is a solid state device that has an efficient energy savings and uses less than 4 watts per bulb with an average of 100,000 hours of life. They have many uses for interior and exterior home decorating projects, such as customize, enhance and accent your rooms.

LED is excellent for gardens and landscaping, its almost maintenance free. Using digital lighting effects to customize wall washing can dramatize displays or seasonal effects. Create without rewiring or installing a new system. The degree of flexibility is unlimited. LED and fiber optic trees are two energy efficient technologies that can reduce your energy cost.

LED have no filament nor does it have a glass vacuum to keep it from leaking gas, it does not have moving parts. It is a solid state device that have an efficient energy savings and uses less than 4 watts per bulb with an average of 100,000 hours of life. They have many uses in you home decor projects.

They can be an effective, artistic and versatile illumination projects. They have a saturated color chart that can enhance any dramatic application that is only limited by your imagination. They have a vivid color with up to 130% saturated coloring than standard specifications, giving excellent combination of color rendering. They are able to be dimmed for effect, allowing light to be themed throughout your home day or night.

LED (lighting emitting diode) can create an atmosphere and style for an eye catching effect. They have minimal maintenance cost. LED’s turn on faster with a cold start capability, they’re smaller and have a more efficient illumination source. They can operate on low-voltage and DC voltage systems and can be controlled digitally making them more versatile and convenient to use. LEDs can be programmed to constantly change colors on walls, floor, or ceilings with a design or words. By using a clear plastic sleeve you can place behind an object to create a color wash on walls or illuminate an area.

LED’s have a wide variety of bulbs as well as solid state based. These based LED bulbs are available in voltages from 6.0v thru 120.v. They provide direct replacement for their incandescent counterparts. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit almost any requirements. The Endura MR16 is similar to 20 watt MR16 using only 5 watts lumination with no UV or heat in the beam, ideal for displays. LEDs are cool to the touch making them great for any area of your home.

LED’s are rugged, versatile, long lasting light source. Their solid state design will withstand most shocks, vibration and conditions that they might be exposed to. They are ideal for solar power. Can be submerged underwater because there is no electricity running through them. They can be run through drywall, in cabinets and entertainment centers, furniture, ect. Life expectancy of more than 10 years.

LED’s contain no mercury and last 90% longer maximizing the performance and environmental impact. The system is low voltage so its safer and requires lower gauge wire that reduces your energy cost. Energy Codes of 2005 some states have adopted, providing incentives to commercial building owners.

LED’s lighting are getting closer to the brightness levels of incandescent. Especially if being used for longer periods of time.

LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs Replacement Choices

LED Light bulbs have four times the efficiency of the standard incandescent bulbs. These energy saving bulbs emit a much higher percentage of light at greatly reduced energy. By replacing incandescent and halogen bulbs in your fixtures will not only save money but make your home safer with extended hours. The initial cost is pretty expensive but the years of use and energy saved will pay off in the long run.

These light bulbs have a way to go to illuminate a large area but are improving. To boost the illumination of this bulbs the manufacturer has to focus the beam more tightly so they tend to be more directional. To find a store in your area click here to search.

They are a great way to go for small halls, stairways, entry ways or security lighting for driveways. Imagine you can light your porch or driveway, staircase or hallway all night and use less energy than using your old incandescent for two hours.

Warning: LED bulbs are not suitable to be used in conjunction with dimmer switches!.

These energy saving bulbs generate very little heat, saving on your cooling bills. Operating at a much lower temperature they are only warm to the touch making them safer to use.

Light-LED’S emit no damaging ultraviolet light so they are great for highlighting pictures or artwork unlike halogen and fluorescent.

Operating 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more. One of these energy bulbs can easily out last incandescent or halogen bulbs. Operating 12 hours per day, they can last up to 7 or more years. They are not yet as bright as we would like but technology is coming by leaps and bounds.

These energy saving bulbs are relatively new and are more costly. The average bulb usually are $35 or more per bulb. Buying bulk can generally help in getting a discount. Another energy saving bulb replacement bulb is the Compact Fluorescent. A compact fluorescent will illuminate a larger area at a more affordable price.

Residential Energy saving lighting is the way of the future soon incandescent light bulbs will be the thing of the past. Energy saving concerns us all. Many cities and state are already adopting new laws and legislation to save energy.

Updated: October 12, 2013 — 5:30 pm

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