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Energy Efficiency Cartoon

APES Study Guide Unit 4: Life Gonick, and Outwater, The Cartoon Guide to the Environment Chapters 04 – 06 Other Materials 1st law of thermodynamics (energy) 2nd law of thermodynamics (energy) energy efficiency trophic-level efficiency entropy Isle Royale National Park chemosynthesis

2 Some recent analysis suggests that recent public awareness campaigns for seat belt usage using cartoon Energy efficiency award programmes: Promoting investment in energy efficiency and consumer preference for energy efficient products

The Latest Regional Govt. Meetings CA US World Columns Op-Ed Sci/Tech Life Oddball Cartoon . Berkeley Lab sources, and their energy efficiency is much lower. Mills estimates that fuel-based lighting throughout the world consumes 77 billion liters of fuel

Cartoon Network planted nine blinking electronic devices at bridges and other spots in Boston. It “We need cleaner cars with better efficiency, and we need them now. I, however, people should be able to fuel at home and that solar is “free energy.” CaFCP’s message:

Potential Energy Surfaces A potential energy surface (PES) maps out the potential energy of a molecule as a functional of all of its geometrical The typical one-dimensional reaction path energy cartoon (shown in the lower part of Figure 3)

Energy Transformation Super Hero Graphic Art Assignment. You could also get wild and crazy and annotate a video or cartoon segment illustrating energy transformations. Be sure you have it done on time

Cartoon of the Day c.f. © UW and Brent K. Stewart PhD, DABMP 4 Excitation, Ionization and Radiative Losses Energy fluence (Ψ) = (photons/area)·(energy/photon) = Φ·E [keV-cm–22] or [J] or [J-m–22]]

Energy Balance Energy is what helps you do the things you like to do. When you eat or drink, energy goes into your body. And when you do things like run a race or draw a picture, you use up energy. To be healthy, you have to balance the energy your body takes in

How can energy be transferred back forth between kinetic energy and potential energy? 4. Identify one example of how potential chemical energy is used. 5. Name two kinds of energy that potential and kinetic energy can create. 6.

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