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Do You Have An Energy Efficient Home?

by Danny Rodgers
(California, USA)

Is your home an energy efficient home? Every month when the utility bills come in, we are shocked by the amount of energy that we consume. But, we never pay attention to how we can reduce our energy consumption and simply go on paying those expensive energy utility bills!.

There are small steps that can make an energy efficient home and by following them you can not only increase your savings but you can also play your role in protecting the environment. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can build an energy efficient home.

First, you can start by using appliances that are energy efficient. There are many electric items that you use around your house that consume a lot of energy. Some of these include your refrigerator, freezer, washing machine and your dishwasher. Try investing in appliances that save on electricity consumption and are known to be energy efficient. This may require some research but you will find something suitable for you.

By washing the dishes or doing the laundry all in one go, you are saving electricity by doing the separate lots of dishes and clothes at different times, also why not preset the washing machine to wash during the night when energy costs are at their lowest?. This can save a lot of energy and can make your home an energy efficient home.

For example, a heap of clothes washed in one go will require less water and power that different lots of clothes being washed separately at different times during the week. By making sure that your house is properly ventilated during the summer time, and safe from leaks and with good insulation during the winter time, you can save a lot on cooling and heating accordingly.

Try getting a programmable thermostat to manage your home temperature automatically and make your house an energy efficient home. Check the insulation of your windows to make sure that you don’t lose cooling very easily. This way you will not have to keep the air conditioner switched on constantly.

You can switch it off and your room will still remain cool if your windows are properly insulated. Try using cold water instead of hot water. Unnecessary use of hot water adds a lot to your bill. When you reduce the use of hot water, will notice a drop in your bill as well.

If you want have a really energy efficient home, you can install solar panels and provide your home with energy from a renewable source. This will definitely make your home more energy efficient.

By saving energy and using energy in an efficient manner, we can prevent a lot of carbon being emitted into the environment. The first place anyone can start to make a difference is at home and through the way they live.

Making your home an energy efficient home will make a difference even though you may not notice it. When everybody has an energy efficient home, the world might just be a less polluted place to live in!.

Updated: June 19, 2013 — 6:47 pm

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