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Creating a Green Screen and Then Renting it for Profit

In Hollywood and Los Angeles region renting a green cyclorama screen can be complicated at times. Anyone may be able to have their wall painted green but is it done by a professional that understands the role of a green screen. The spacious place may be lighted but not anyone can advertise that they own a green cyclorama studio and rent it out. The owner needs to realize what has to be all put into this type of studio.

The studio needs to constructed properly first which involves having the whole studio’s lightening distributed evenly throughout the entire place. When the studio is evenly lit there is a problem that takes place if both of the green walls and floors meet at an angle of 90 degrees. (For more details on the proper lighting of a green screen visit the green screen web page.) A typical green cyclorama studio has the green cyclorama 3 foot high and it is measured at the 90 degree angled wall to the face of the green cyclorama. A larger green screen cyclorama is a good idea unless it reaches the center of a 90 degree wall which will cause the green screen to go from the ceiling to the center of the wall instead. A green screen studio that is flawless will give off the affect of a gigantic green ball. Six feet cycloramas have an advantage over the smaller 1 to 3 foot green screens. It all relies on the lighting of the studio. The corners of the cyclorama need to be well rounded for it to work properly. To keep the cyclorama perfectly shaped you would not want to kneel down or film on it.

The physical appearance of the cyclorama plays an important part when it comes to getting the right green effect. The paint that is used for this green screen has reflective properties to it when it dries. The reflective particles are called chromakey which is not only found in green screens but also in blue screens. To get the 3-Dimensioned world in your green screen studio you will need to purchase the correct paint the standard house paint will not give you the effects that you need for a cyclorama studio. It may cost $20 but it does not do the same thing. You use all the lighting you want it is not going to give you the real green screen that people are looking for in Hollywood or Los Angeles. It takes experience with the lighting and also knew when the real chromakey paint is on the walls when you first look at the studio. With your traditional house pain it will give off a shimmer that can pollute the whole magenta tone that is found in fair skin. It can also show a person’s oily or dark skin tone. The shine of the green paint can cause the light to be amplified and seem like it fell off the screen.

There are also a few other problems that appear if the paint is not the proper type, the appearance of the people can end up with skinny limbs and also have darker hair that shines. It can cause their body to disappear too much. This gives off an image of the person has been removed and placed in a fake atmosphere. This is the reason that the real chroma paint cost at least triple as much as any house paint. The reflective index is equal to what is found in green chalk. This problem can be remedied by placing the focus point away from the green wall behind them and/or the cyclorama side wall if it is a larger green screen. When you want to shot the whole body it is a challenge to get the person off the floor, unless it is a magic act with levitation being performed. There is also additional information about green cyclorama walls and flooring with a lower matte grade, it will reproduce the true light. This can produce hot spots on the cyclorama screen wall and flooring. This can give off an unsteady amount of color through the lens.

The amount of space available for rent is a serious aspect. The amount of movement that is allowed in front of the green cyclorama screen will have a massive effect on the renter when they look at the studio. When there is less space to move around there is a change for the color to be polluted and also for the effect to spill off the screen which will ruin the product and also humiliate the talent. A space that has the measurements of 20 ft x 20 ft is better off used for an art gallery than to film anything. Talent space is where the lens is pointing also where all the equipment is placed in front of the talent individuals. There should be room to roam around with the camera to get the correct shots that are being asked for which could include a full body shot. It requires an extra 20 to 40 feet to include all the equipment and the studio needs to a minimum of 20 feet in width and at least 60 feet in length.

If a second camera is being used, another green cyclorama wall will need be available or the second camera will be looking away from the focal point on stage. The second cyclorama is attached to the original one which will give a vertical and horizontal union. This is where green screens can get complicated. This is when you need to keep your eye out for uneven colorations because the light may not be bright even. The best way to deal with this situation is to turn on the cyclorama lights. A two wall green cyclorama screen is also known as a L-shaped screens.

There is a soft fabric green screen that can be rented out. They are custom made to the studio that you are going to use for the filming. The soft fabric helps with absorbing the excess sound and it reduces the chances of any green spill because of the reflection that is made by the foam. This allows for the subject to be closer to the green cyclorama than with the painted type. This type of cyclorama can also be 8 feet high and can save money by using only 3 space lights. It will help with keeping the studio cooler without all the excess lighting.

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