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could a great inventor do this please?

i know theres a lot of braniacs out there. all im asking is for one of them to invent something for me. all i want is a) 2.8% profit and b) that the blueprints stay in the united states. japan and china always get rich off of inventions which is fine but id like the us to have some money. however if a really super smart person can do this when no one else can, i will let them ignore this request. and one last thing c) when you go on tv or in newspaper and people ask what was your inspiration or motivation, tell them a couple of girls named Adaiah Ludy [ad i yah loody] and Neenah Johnson gave you the idea. i am asking that any brilliant mind out there invent the following:

*a machine that cleans clothes automatically through steam or sucking off exxcess dirt and other particles or both.

*ecofriendly….no coal, fossil fuels, or other harmful products. we have to keep this earth green.

*easy to use without buying a lot of extra equipment

*sold at a reasonable price. you know we're in a recession.

*this machine need to be fast. the clothes need to be washed and dried so its like a washer and dryer all inone really fast.

*suggestion: it would be best that this machine is smallish and itd be great if it was portable.

i would absolutely love for someone to create this for me. i have neither the brains or funds to do it but if anyone does it would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the machine has already been invented. It's called a steam iron. The new ones are more effective than the older ones.

It runs off of electricity. However the local power plant works, that's the type of energy you use.

No extra equipment to buy.

I doubt that an iron will cost you more than $50 these days.

When I was very young, and my mother was in a real hurry, she could neatly iron a shirt in under 60 seconds.

Irons are hand portable.

I'm sure that you could improve on the basic iron somehow, perhaps with little brushes to knock off loose material, or a better mechanism for regulating the amount and heat of the water/steam, but it's probably at the height of development now.

The steam iron is a brilliant invention… for 1926, when the Eldic Company introduced it to the United States. It didn't really take off until the 1950s… but still, sixty years ago it would have been a really good invention.

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