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Clever Ways To Save Energy & Money When Doing Laundry!

by Sandy Jarvis
(Boston, Mass. USA)

Doing the laundry is something people can’t escape. It is something that has to be done.

But you can save money while doing the laundry if you’ll follow these steps.

Here are some ways for you to save energy and money on the laundry.

1. Stock up on detergent:
When it comes to laundry detergent, it is always cheaper by bulk. Since laundry is something you have to do, you can save if you buy all the detergent you can at once. This not only helps you save money but time as well.

2. Don’t wash clothes with hot water:
Hot water doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to cleaning clothes other than using up more energy than you need.

Hot water also hastens the fading and bleeding of your clothes. Just use cold water, it protects your clothes and your wallet as well.

3. Wash clothes in bulk:
Washing clothes in small loads wastes time, water, energy, and of coursemoney. It is best to wash clothes in larger loads so that you wash fewer times and save as well.

4. Set your washer to only one rinse cycle , not two:
One rinse cycle is usually enough. Rinsing twice only wastes water and energy then ultimately, your money. Clothes get rinsed quite well unless you use too much detergent.

5. Use only about three quarters of the recommended amount of detergent. Washing machines don’t need much detergent.

In fact, it actually washes more efficiently with less suds. By using a little less detergent you save on the number of rinsing cycles needed to wash your clothes.

6. Wear your clothes at least twice, unless they get really dirty.
You don’t have to wash your garments after every use. Too much washing can even damage your clothes.

But don’t wait too long to wash your clothes, too much dirt and stench might create the need to wash it longer. Wearing undershirts also help you eliminate the need to wash your dress shirts all the time and undershirts are lighter to wash.

7. Air-dry your clothes:
If the weather is fair you don’t really need to use the dryer. Take advantage of the sun
and the air. You can save a lot on your electric bill.

You can definitely save money when doing the laundry. Try these steps out and soon you can be counting the savings you will make.

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Updated: June 20, 2013 — 7:53 pm

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