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Choosing The Best Heating System For Your Home

Choosing The Best Heating System For Your Home

If you are considering heating systems for your home you’ll find that there are many, many options in the market today. If you are truly trying to find the best solution for your needs, choosing the right type of heating system depends on a number of different factors.

? How big is your home? Larger homes present more of a challenge to heat evenly than smaller homes do. If your home is large you want to make sure that your system is capable of not only manufacturing enough heat, but making sure it gets to all of the right places.

? How efficient is your home? Before making a decision it is wise to have your home tested to see how efficiently it retains your heat in the winter and your cool air in the summer.

? What level of comfort do you desire? Are you interested in things like in floor heating or zoning capabilities? There are some very useful features available today depending on the type of heating systems you consider.

? What are your environmental priorities? Are you interested in a solution that will lower your carbon footprint or just those that represent the best value? In some cases you may be able to accomplish both.

? How long do you plan to live in this home? If you expect to be in your current home for 15 – 20 years you may want to consider home heating systems that will cost you less in the long run.

Since most traditional heating systems (furnaces and also air conditioners) last 15 – 20 years, most of your costs will be your ongoing heating bills. In fact, your bills over the life of the furnace will be almost 4 times what you pay for the system. It may be time to consider the total cost that you’ll be paying, not just the upfront cost. You may find that you end up saving significant money AND helping the environment too.

The majority of Ontario homes are heated with natural gas furnaces sold on efficiency ratings. In fact many homeowners are not even aware that there are other options such as hybrid systems that employ heat pumps that can reduce overall costs substantially. So what is the difference between gas furnace heating and solutions that utilize heat pumps? When the only option considered is a gas furnace then typically the decision of what furnace to install is based on efficiency ratings. A high efficiency natural gas furnace, for example, may be 97% efficient in its ability to translate energy into heat. This sounds like a great solution, how much better can you get than 97%?

Heat Pumps vs Gas Furnaces

Let’s compare to hybrid heating technology that employs a heat pump that produces heat through compression with the only input cost being the electricity to run the compressor. Hybrid heating systems with aheat pumps can achieve 200% – 400% efficiency resulting in tremendous energy cost savings over time, often $1,000 per year and more depending on the size, age and efficiency of your home among other things. While furnaces can produce heat less expensively during periods of extreme cold, the heat pump’s comparative efficiency over the entire year is compelling. This is especially the case when considered in combination with the hybrid system’s capacity to switch back and forth to the most efficient heating technology in winter, and the elimination of the need for a separate air conditioner.

Be sure to explore all of your options. Have a professional do an assessment of your home and help you to decide what home heating technology is best for you.

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