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Energy Efficient Car Pool

Make any car more efficient by using it less and one way to use the car less is to car pool hire cars. We know that car pooling reduces traffic and pollution by reducing the number of vehicles on the road but how does it save energy?

Well, the less gas we use, the less gas we need to import and transport. Producing and transporting parts and gas take lots of energy so the less gas and parts we use, the less we have to transport the less energy that requires. Using your car less will also cut down on maintenance and parts. This can save you money on an automobile insurance quote as well.

Our schedules are crazy and it may not be possible to give up your car everyday but it offers so many benefits that it’s something worth doing whenever you can. Ride together to work with family or coworkers, go grocery shopping with friends, take turns driving the kids and their friends to all their activities. Once a week, once a month or just whenever it fits into your schedule. Whatever you can do will save gas, energy and money.

Get the good parking spot!.

From office buildings to shopping malls to universities, some places offer reserved spots for people driving together and the parking places are often the best ones. You’ll save time driving around and around looking for a spot and since you are doing your part to help the environment, you certainly deserve this small convenience. These spots might require a special pass so check the signs!

If you have a group driving to work together and there aren’t any designating spots for you in your parking area, ask for one. Your company may be willing to reward your environmental efforts.

Take advantage of the car pool lane!

Everyone’s time is valuable and spending it in traffic can be so frustrating. Whenever you can hop in the car pool lane and zip past the traffic, you can get where you’re going faster. Some special lanes only require 2 passengers but others require 3 so check the signs to avoid getting a fine.

Car Pool Lane.

Save Money and Energy

You get to split the cost of gas, toll roads, bridges, parking … some will even be free if you have enough people in the car. With fewer vehicles on the road, you’ll use less gas which means less energy and less money. If you’re considering using an energy efficient or electric car as a replacement for you fossil-fuel gas guzzler, you should look into some donation options. You can help out a good cause and even make a little bit of money yourself if you give your car to charities. This is, without a doubt, the way to go if you want to help the environment and some of the less-fortunate people inhabiting that environment. Besides, you’re not going to want that old car taking up space in the garage once you’ve replaced it, are you?

No one to drive with?

As wonderful as car pooling is, it does require reliable people and cars. Especially if you’re going to drive with other people at night, you need to be with people you trust and use vehicles that you can depend on.

Some companies have programs to help employees find others to drive with and even offer some special benefits for those who do. Find out if your company has a program and if it doesn’t, ask about starting one. Helping employees reduce traffic and pollution is good for the environment and since people like doing business with green companies it makes the company look good. Everyone wins!

If you don’t have someone to drive with and can’t car pool, make sure you are being as efficient as possible with your own driving like consolidating your errands into one trip. Running errands on the way to or from the office makes your work day longer and it is not something we always feel like doing but the more done during the week, the more time to play on the weekends!

When you’re not using your car, keep it maintained in order to maximize gas mileage and keep it in an Energy Efficient Garage for maximum energy saving at home.

Updated: March 6, 2014 — 6:31 am

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