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Can Green Taxes Save the Environment?

They are intended to change our behaviour and the way that we live, to make us less wasteful and conserve scarce resources for generations to come. We are consuming the planets resources at an unsustainable rate and this article will look at 3 of the proposed taxes to see if it will change anything.

Green Tax No 1. To try and persuade us to drive less, the government has increased petrol prices by 1.5 pence per litre. Not much you might say, but it makes our petrol even more expensive and we already pay one of the highest rates in Europe. It will now cost you up to 50 pence more when you go to the petrol station to fill your tank up, will this make you drive less? I think not, therefore is this a green tax or just a plain and simple money making tax. Every extra penny per litre adds millions of pounds to the governments income per year.
Green Tax No 2. Air passenger duty is due to rise from £5 to £10. Even on short haul flights this is not going to make much difference. Are you not going to go on holiday or visit friends by air because it costs you an extra fiver more… again I think not! This extra £5 will raise millions of pounds for the government in revenue.
Green Tax No 3. Ken Livingston the London Mayor wants to charge 4×4 gas guzzling residents of London much higher parking and congestion charge fees. They may be angered by the tax, but they may just pay-up. Especially as London now has more million and billionaires then almost anywhere else on the plant. I agree that this is a step in the right direction proving the amounts are high enough to make people think twice about buying one. I have friends that have 4×4 as they want more room for their partner and one child. Get real!

With all these green taxes being introduced I find it difficult to believe that the government allows for the rail fares to be increased above inflation pushing more people into using cars. I have been on those expensive, crammed, rush hour trains and its not nice I can tell.
When the tax payer has some real options to help reduce carbon emissions, then a taxation regime to deal with unnecessary pollution appears more justified, at the moment it seems like raising money is the main objective and not cutting the effects of climate change.
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