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Buying Home Appliances and Electronics: Dishwashers

by Harriet Bond
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Dishwashers, which used to be a luxurious item in the kitchen, are among the most common fixtures in the kitchen nowadays. There are wide choices of dishwashers in the market which you can choose from.

There are things that you would need to consider when choosing or looking for a dishwasher.

* Capacity, Size and Style

The most common or standard size for a dishwasher would be 18 inches and can hold about 6 to 8 place settings. A bigger one, around 24 inches, can hold 12 to 14 place settings.

So, if it would be for family use then it would be better if you would be getting the regular sized dishwasher. If it is just for a small kitchen, then the smaller one would be better.

Aside from that, it would also be important for some consumers to look for dishwashers that would fit their kitchen’s design.

Some dishwashers could fit into your cabinets, if you think that they are unable to fit, then you can look for dishwashers that have portable counters. There are also dishwashers that have drawers that would help it blend with your kitchen easily.

* Buying and Maintenance Cost

An average dishwasher would cost at around $500, it could range from $250 to $ 1,300. Used dishwashers can cost lower. When buying a dishwasher, then you would also have to consider the delivery and theinstallation.

Aside from you would also have to consider the maintenance cost. Not only do you have to get a model that would cost lower, it would be better to look for a dishwasher that would give you yearly savings.

There are energy-efficient dishwashers that would actually help you save of electricity and at the same time, help save the environment.

Models that were built after 1994 can help you save $25.00 to $50.00 a year in electricity.
When buying older versions or second hand dishwashers, you would have to be conscious since they could cost more in the long run.

When scouting for a dishwasher, look for the Energy Star label. Seeing an Energy Star would mean that it is an energy saver. It could be more expensive than the average dishwasher, but the annual utility and energy bills could actually make up with the difference.

* Features

Other factors that could help you decide what kind of dishwasher you would like to get would be based on its features. Consider the dishwashing cycles, it is important to get light, regular and pots and pans cycles.

You could also consider getting a dishwasher that has Economy settings, this would dry the dishes while saving electricity. The more cycles, the possibility of a higher price, so make sure that you consider that too.

You could also check the stacking and racking features. Regulardishwashers would have at least two racks, but there could also be additional racks that would allow you to accommodate glasses and other special dishes. There could also be a rack for baby bottles and rings.

Other features that would be great are dishwasher detergent dispensers and electronic sensors. If you want to have a child-friendly kitchen, there are dishwashers that have safety locks to prevent small children from opening the washers.

Dishwashers could also include built-in food disposers, adjustable water-pressure controls and tall bottom tubs for large pots. Dishwashers could also have stainless steel tubs, which would be great. Some would also have LED displays and sanicycle included.

When buying a dishwasher, make sure that you would be able to have an idea about its maintenance, like replacing or repairing any parts. Aside from the maintenance cost, you would also have to consider the storage location.

Make sure that you measure place in your kitchen where you will be placing it. Measure not only width and height, you would also have to make sure that the storing area is levelled.

When picking out, you can ask the seller if you could run it for a while. There are sellers and manufacturers that could offer a warranty valid for a month or three months after the date of purchase.

You could also ask if the seller would be installing and plumbing it in your home or if you would get other people to do it for you.

If you are undecided on what model to buy and if they fit into your budget, you can do some research on the Internet.

It would help you get an idea about the features and cost of differentdishwashers. You would also get informed about the customer and consumer feedback about the products.

Updated: October 9, 2013 — 3:56 pm

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