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Buying Home Appliances and Electronics: Choosing Your Dryer

by Harriet Bond
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Dryers are used after washing clothes, it would remove moisture from clothes by rotating it inside a tumbler that produces heat to remove the moisture. There are dryers that come along with the washing machine. There are also stand-alone dyers.

Basically, there are three kinds of dryers based on what keeps them running. There are electric dryers which can plug into sockets and uses electricity to generate heat and dry clothes.

Gas dryers use natural gas and have lower maintenance cost compared to electric dryers. In the long run, electric dryers tend to be more expensive in terms of operation cost.

The most energy and gas efficient would be the heat pump dryers. They are also the most expensive. They would remove moisture through hot air and then pump it back into the tumbler which make it more efficient and conserve more energy.

If your after the energy savings, there are clothes dryers that have sensors that would shut the machine off when they detected that the clothes are already dry. Aside form saving electricity, it would also keep your clothes from being worn or torn easily because of over-drying.

Sensors could either be moisture or temperature sensors. A dryer with moisture sensors could save 15 % of energy, while a temperature sensor could save 10% from energy.

An appliance buyer would consider two costs, the purchase cost and its operating and maintenance cost. A dryer would cost an average of $400 to $2000 dollars based on its type.

To reduce energy consumption, you could always look for clothes dryer with a good energy rating. There are rating systems that could give you adequate information if the dryer you plan to buy will consume more energy compare with other brands and models.

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. Does buying a clothes dryer fits your living? For example, if most of your clothes do not need to be tumbled dried, then why are you buying one?

When using a dryer, you would have to be conscious of the kind and fabrics of the clothes you will be putting inside.

Size is also something you should think about. A recommended dryer size is based on the amount that you washer could hold. They should at least have the same amount or double the amount of clothes that they could handle.

A standard dryer would measure about 25 to 29 inches in width. The drum of a full-sized model will be about 5 to 7 cubic feet, while a smaller size would be about 3 cubic feet.

Dryer features are a plus when looking for a good model. There are dryers that have filters or lint catchers. Aside from lint, they can also catch dust particles from the clothes.

If a dryer has a removable filter then it would be easier to clean the filters. Other filters would include the length of drying time. There are filters that could easily dry clothes within the span of ten minutes.

There are also dryers that have the cool-down cycle and damp-dry cycle. Cool-down cycle reduces the wrinkles. Damp dry cycle would be great especially if you are planning to iron the clothes.

There are also dryers that could dry shoes, like tennis shoes. Do not worry, the shoes are not tumbled. Some dryers would have racks where you can put items that cannot be tumbled, like sweaters.

Drums would also have different materials, there are porcelain and stainless steel dryer drum. There no significant difference in the performance.

But some would choose stainless drums since it is rust-free and at the same time looks very slick and stylish.

Another thing to consider would be the warranty features. Actually, warranty extended by the manufacturer would be within 1 to 2 years.

Some models which are more expensive than others, sometimes have longer warranty. You could ask for an extended warranty from the dealer.

You could also ask around your community if there are any dryer service repairs in the area that could fix your model. You do not want to drive an hour just to repair your dryer nor buy something that cannot be fixed at all.

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Updated: January 31, 2013 — 12:53 am

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