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Alternative Energy Source – Solar Power

Have you ever thought about building your own solar panels? If you do build them yourself, you will save yourself greatly considering how much it would cost to have a contractor do it for you. Solar technology, over the years, has come along way in making building your own solar panels easier and cheaper than ever.

Just a few months ago the local utility company in my area sent everyone a letter concerning raising the energy rates. In today’s time with the economy being what it is, who wants to spend more? Most people, like myself, are looking for ways to not have to spend so much and actually be able to save money instead. Switching to Renewable energy, such as solar, will make that happen.

We are all addicted to our current energy source such as natural gas, oil and fossil fuels. These are harmful to our environment and will one day be depleted. Solar power is renewable and will never be in short supply as long as the sun shines. By using solar power for your home you break your addiction and become part of the solution to a cleaner environment.

Direct Sunlight is optimal for the best results for your solar panels. However they will work in indirect light but at a lower performance rate. The solar panels are built to collect solar radiation from the sun and then converts the energy to electricity. This has been named the Photovoltaic Effect.

So who would not want to save some cash while also making this planet a better place for their children and grandchildren? Going solar and building your own panels will not only be cheaper than staying where you are or having a contractor do it for you, it will also save you lots of money on your electric bill, depending on how much you normally consume. You will see a return on your investment of time, energy and efforts. Solar power is the solution to today’s energy troubles.

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