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Make Your Home Energy Efficient….
And Save A Fortune!

For those who do not know how to make your home energy efficient, it seems that when we receive electricity bills, we are always surprised at how much energy we consume.

Make Your Home Energy EfficientUnfortunately, no matter how high our home energy bills become, we all assume they are just something we have to put up with and keep paying.

Well, we have to pay for our electricity, right? What you might not already know is that there are many simple ways to lower your home energy bills, and find a cheaper way to live!. There are a lot of practical and inexpensive ways to conserve energy. By using these methods we feature on the site, you can make your home energy efficient.

The breakdown of most home energy consumption averages around 44% used on space conditioning, 13% used to heat water, 12% is used by your home lights, 8% on appliances like refrigeration, 6% on home electronic gadgets, 5% is used by your washing machine, dryer and other laundry appliances, 4% is taken by all the gadgets in the kitchen and 8% percent on other gadgets around the home.

So just imagine the savings that you will get when you practice some simple home energy conservation steps! 

Energy conservation is a practice of reducing the amount of energy used while yielding a similar end use. First of all, you need to realize that all the little things matter. There are lots of small things we do every day that waste our house energy. Some of these little wasteful habits may seem insignificant, but when you add them all up they can add up to one third of your current house energy bill!

The Great News is That An Energy Efficient Home Will Save You a LOT of Money!

Getting an energy efficient home can really save you some money when paying your electricity and gas bills, you can also improve it further still by adding DIY Home Security Systems which will also not only help keep your costs down, but will also provide valuable assistance in keeping the home secure.

This can make your property really attractive to tenants, if you decide to rent out. However, before you do so, make sure you purchase landlord insurance from a reliable insurance agent to get adequate cover for your home. Also, having a green home will not only save you money but will also help us all enjoy a brighter & better future. On this site we will feature nearly all of them, just check the directory listings in the panel on the left and you will see every way to make your home energy efficient is covered – even for your car fuel savings!

Learn How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient:

Determine Your Current Home Energy Costs:  One of the first things that you should do when looking at your ability to make your home more energy efficient is to know just what you are currently paying. By taking the time to determine what you are currently spending on energy, you can better determine which areas you have the potential to save with.

Find out how much you are paying based on your current monthly energy bill payments. Look at those regular payments and calculate: 1. What is the amount that you pay per unit that you use of that fuel type? 2. What is the amount of that fuel type that you use per month in units?

Your goal, then, is to work out how much energy you are using, and audit just how effective your home and appliances are to find out where you can make improvements that will make your home more energy efficient!. If you just decide to change your gas fires for traditional or modern styles, this simple task will immediately start to show you the benefits of a more energy efficient home…..and keep you warm at nights!.

Conduct an Energy Audit:  You could consider getting a professional home energy audit. The home energy audit is one step to help you evaluate the amount of energy consumption in your home use and to also determine the steps and types of measures that you can take to make your home energy efficient, given the structures and materials used in your home construction.

Any small crevices or gaps in the walls, around window panes, any holes in the cupboards or in the floors can massively raise your home cooling and heating needs. If you then find any cracks in your house you need to fill them up, as that can reduce electricity usage by up to 30 percent a year. Examine each interior wall, door and surround, as well as the ceiling separately and don’t forget to take a look at the fireplace dampers and switch boards too.

After your internal examination, also check all the exterior walls and also the chimney. Inspect the walls and ceiling insulation to make sure it is not degraded in quality, read the installation manual and check if the wall and ceiling insulation is still meeting those basic requirements.

Check if You Are Eligible for Financial Help to Make Your Home Energy Efficient:  Did you know Energy Saving improvements like Energy Efficient Windows and Roofing could qualify you for an Energy Efficient Tax Break? Realizing an energy efficient home (which is basically what a green home stands for) is within everyone’s reach because of green mortgages. Green mortgage is not a marketing ploy or some public relations effort.

It is a program backed by private and government mortgage programs designed to help you make your home more energy efficient. This green mortgage is a kind of home loan that provides assistance to those who would want to improve their home to be more energy efficient. A kind of refinancing that is meant to improve lives and help us all sustain a better world! An equity release calculator allows you to find out how much money you can release from your home.

Key Retirement Solutions are the UK’s No.1 independent equity release specialist offering their customers a free equity release calculator and tailor-made advice with their expert advisers.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances:  Large appliances like clothes washers, dishwashers, and refrigeratorsuse a lot of energy so you want to make sure yours are Energy Efficient.

You’ll also want to have Energy Efficient lighting, both indoors and outdoors. We’ll tell you what to look for when choosing the right Energy Efficient products for your home and show you where to find them when you’re ready to buy, whether it’s home security, alternative energy sources or even cost effective landlord insurance we are here to help you save, save, save!

If you are over 55 and a homeowner, you may be able to benefit from an equity release providing a tax-free amount for you, for further details just do a search on Google for “equity release”.

Maximize The Energy Use Of Your Current Appliances:  Only start your cycles when you have a full load in your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. You will consume the same amount of power each cycle when you run the appliances, regardless of the amount of items in your wash load, so fill it up.

A popular energy saver appliance is the front load washing machine. Using this will save you 50% on water and 50% on energy. You can save a heap of energy if you simply air dry your dishes as well as your clothes. A clothes line is the ultimate ‘solar powered clothes dryer’!

Ensure That Your House Is Insulated and Sealed from Leaks:  Energy Efficient InsulationYour home should be well insulated in the roof and walls to keep the elements out.

You also need to eliminate and obvious air leaks around doorways and windows. If you are using a home heating system or electric air conditioning, make sure that your house is completely sealed.

Leaks from poor insulation or window and door gaps cause most of the wasted energy use around the home.

Check The Condition of Your Windows:  If you have windows in your home that are not well insulated, you can be looking at up to 35 percent of their loss to come from their windows. So make sure you have appropriate curtains and other window coverings likewooden blinds or shutters that will help to insulate your windows from energy leaks.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the windows themselves should be replaced in your home from every ten years to every twenty depending on the type of window and its insulation. It is not so much their age as the way in which they work that matters, so check if there are draughts and leaks.

This site will cover a range of energy saving suggestions to make sure your windows and coverings are as efficient as possible. We can also help you learn how to best invest in your home and save energy with better quality New Windows, Laminate Flooring New Roofing and New Exterior Doors. Also, save money by utilizing discounters like the PlumbersStock Website to obtain your fancy new fixtures at a wholesale price.

Adjust Your Thermostat Settings:  One of the most simple and popular ways to make your home energy efficient is to just lower your thermostat temperature setting by 7 degrees centigrade while not at home or while sleeping. You just don’t need super cool air in the house or to have an extremely hot room while you are away or while you are sleeping.

Making sure that you monitor and adjust your thermostat settings around the home will cut the costs of you electric bill. Follow the rest of the tips here for heating and cooling thermostats and see the difference.

Update Your Hot Water Tank:  There are many ways that you can improve your Hot Water system efficiency: a) You can simply use an insulation jacket around your hot water tank, to keep the heat in. b) You can supplement this with some solar heated water which, during summer months may save up to75% of your hot water heating costs (Closer to 25% in cooler months) c) You can install a tank-less water heater.

Although this has a high initial cost this is becoming a more popular option. d) There are several hybrid hot water heaters now available in the market which offers energy savings of almost 60%. Instamatic hot water systems only heats the water you are actively using, so there is no need to keep heating up the same tank of water when you are not home.

Install Solar Power for Your Home:  You must have heard about solar power. Home solar panels are mostly used for a well connected grid system. These can also be used for battery based systems. The cost of solar panels have gone down a lot in the recent times. This means that even large 2kw systems are now an affordable option for homes and offices.

I always recommend that upon installing solar panels that you have a valid home insurance policy. Solar panels are valuable items that I’m sure you’d want covered if they were damaged or were to cause damage to the structure of your house in any way. Today a customer can choose from a range of Marine, RVs, Flexible, and Portable solar panels. While the price of the device has been reducing the technology offered has been rising.

If you are not ready to invest in buying full solar power for your home you can still use solar to supplement your home energy use by simply using outdoor solar lighting in the garden and some of the solar powered household items that you can buy online nowadays. Even re-charging your small domestic use batteries with solar power chargers will save you hundreds of dollars every year when you work out how many batteries you buy for your clocks, calculators and other gadgets. On the site we will cover the ways that solar and alternative energy can help you to save energy and cut costs.

Save Both Energy and Money by Recycling around the Home:  When you think of recycling you should first of all really think about the whole idea of; reduce, reuse and recycle. Before you buy, just think about it; and if you don’t really need it, just don’t get it in the first place. If you have to get it, get something that can be used again and again and if you buy something that needs to be recycled by the professionals, put it in the recycle bin.

Around the home you can use simple linen napkins that you just wash and re-use them instead of using disposable paper napkins. Also to help the environment and the health of your home, you should check on all of your regular cleaning supplies around the home for any that use the words: dangerous, poisonous or hazardous on their labels, and stop using them!

Be mindful of what you do every day, and pay attention to the items you buy. You should always check and see if you really do need it, or if it comes in a package with less waste wrapping etc. Recycling is a state of mind, as important as reprocessing used glass and metal items!

Improve Your Car Fuel Economy:  Every driver would prefer to spend less of their hard-earned cash at the fuel pump. Driving and maintaining your vehicle in a way that allows for increased fuel economy is mostly a matter of having the proper knowledge, then putting that information to work.

The trick is to find ways to increase gas mileage without having to do things that you are not willing to do in the long term. On this site you will learn many ways that you can save gas and improve mileage on your car fuel.

An Added Bonus…  These Home Energy Saving Tips not only help your bank account, they also help the environment when you ‘go green’. So you can save yourself some money and feel good about doing your part to keep our environment clean and healthy.

Our CHECKLIST to make your home energy efficient:
1. Insulate your home

2. Change leaky windows

3. Seal leaks that you know of and search for some possible leaks.

4. Assess your heating and cooling system regularly.

5. Have your heating and cooling systems tuned up in the fall and spring.

6. Replace inefficient and old appliances.

7. Install a clock thermostat.

8. Plan an energy audit for your home.

9. Separate your utility bills and target greater energy conservation on the biggest bill.

10. Purchase a water-heater blanket, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, and compact fluorescents, as needed.

11. Start using energy-saving settings on clothes dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

12. Clean or change air-conditioner, furnace, and heat-pump filters. With this home energy saving checklist, your home will be energy efficient. Aside from that you will also get immense savings.

To learn more about how to save energy with the tips in this checklist, sign up for our Energy Blog and get our regular energy updates and tips or just check out the list below for all the areas that you can make improvements to make your home energy efficient: 

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